Last Update: February 25, 2019 8:41 AM

View Your Allowance and Balance

How can I see what my Allowance and Balance is?

You can easily view your Allowance and Balance within the Time-Off module.
  1. Time-Off Module
  2. Time-Off Summary
  3. The default view is the Current year, however, you can choose previous years in the drop down
  4. Depending on your account's options, you may see several different columns:
  • Allowance - Number of hours/days allocated each calendar year
  • Balance - Number of hours/days that have not yet been used (Pending hours having been removed from this number)
  • Allotment - Number of hours/days you started the year with (excluding carry-over hours)
  • Carry-Over - Number of hours/days that were carried over from the previous year
  • Adjustment - Number of hours/days that were manually added or subtracted
  • CBS (Current Balance Standing) - current balance according to the number of hours/days taken
  • Est YE Bal (Estimated Year-End Balance) - Number of hours/days that will be available if no new requests are made
  • Balance to Date - Current balance without taking into account pending and approved future requests
  • Accrued Balance - Amount of time accrued from balance accruals
This report will also give you the total of the amount taken and deducted during the calendar year selected and on top of that, you will have access to the details of all requests entered into PurelyHR. 
Managers are able to see the Time-off Summary for their direct reports and Admins are able to see all users Time-off Summaries
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