Last Update: May 15, 2023 2:06 PM

How to Terminate an Employee/Manager

How can I terminate someone by following the termination process? 

The below process will show you how to correctly terminate an Employee.
Keep in mind that when those steps are followed properly the user will be set to inactive upon the termination date and also all future time-off requests entered in the Time-Off module (if applicable) will be canceled. 

Here's what needs to be done: 

  1. Select the Staff Module
  2. Staff Directory
  3. Select the user
  4. Select the Employment Tab
  5. Select Terminate
  6. On the "Begin Employee Termination" screen
    • Select the Termination Date
    • Select the Termination Type
    • Select the Termination Reason
    • Choose if the user will be eligible for rehire
  7. Select "Continue"
  8. Follow your checklist and check off each task when completed
  9. Confirm the Time-Off Summary section
  10. Add an optional Termination Note 
  11. Read and check off the disclaimer
  12. Select "Terminate Employee" or "Continue Later" if you need to confirm other tasks before terminating the User in question
  13. When completed select "Confirm Termination
You can cancel the termination process at any time by selecting "Cancel Termination".  
This process will automatically inactive the user that's terminated. 
For more information on setting up your termination settings, click here.
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