Last Update: February 25, 2019 9:53 AM

Deleting a User

How can I permanently delete a user from PurelyHR?

It is now possible to permanently delete a user into PurelyHR.  Keep in mind that this action can only be done by the Main Administrator on the account and can not be undone.

Here's how to delete a user.

  1. Staff Module
  2. Staff Directory 
  3. Change the filter Active User Only to Inactive User Only 
  4. Select the user in question 
  5. Account
  6. If the User is active make sure to inactivate the user (Edit-> Active-> No-> Save) 
  7. Delete User
  8. You will need to type "DELETE" in caps to be able to select the Delete button. 
  9. Please be aware that after the red Delete button is selected this action cannot be undone. 
The Delete User icon will not be visible on an active user, the user needs to be terminated/inactivated before.
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